Linewatch Facts

Linewatch was formed in 1985 and has been delivering pipeline safety information to contractors and organisations ever since.

The Linewatch members account for almost 14000km of buried oil and gas pipelines across the UK. These pipelines run under agricultural land and through towns and cities.

Our Pipelines are not always as deep as you may think! Nominal depth is 0.9m (3ft), however they can be a lot shallower in some locations. E.g. canal towpaths, rocky areas etc.

Causing damage to one of our high pressure pipelines could result in injury or death and irreversible pollution to the environment!

The estimated cost of hitting one of our high pressure pipelines is in the region of £15 million.

All our pipelines are protected by The Pipelines Safety Regulations 1996 which requires all parties to work safely so that no damage is caused to our apparatus.