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  • All Linewatch (LW) members provide free information and advice about their pipelines
  • All searches for the location of assets should be formally made through the Linesearchbeforeudig (LSBUD) - www.linesearchbeforeudig.co.uk website
  • All LW members provide free on-site advice and safety supervision when third parties wish to work close to our pipelines
  • All LW members also provide free on-site pipeline location services.
  • 1:2500 scale plans are available for the majority of the pipelines in the Linewatch partnership.  These are free of charge

FREE Linewatch Presentations

Linewatch presentations are available for any person who may carry out or plan works in close proximity to oil and gas pipelines that are owned or operated by the companies represented by Linewatch. The aim of Linewatch is to prevent incidents that could cause injury to persons, damage to the environment and damage to the pipeline system. Please note that the pipelines covered in the presentation are those owned, operated or managed by the Linewatch partners only.

The aim of the presentation is that, afterwards, every attendee should be aware of oil and gas pipelines in their area, how to identify them and who to contact in the event of planned work in the vicinity of pipelines. They will also be aware of the hazards associated with causing damage to a pipeline.

The presentations are given free of charge to the recipient, together with supporting information provided by the Linewatch partners.

The only requirement from the recipient is to make a suitable room available and arrange for the audience to attend.

Target audience size is 15-60 people, although we can cater for more if necessary.

Each session consists of a short presentation lasting approximately 1 hour  followed by time for questions and answers.

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FREE Safe Digging eLearning Module

In conjunction with LSBUD and using advice from USAG, we have designed an eLearning programme that focuses on safe digging – 

The online programme is free to use and we encourage as many individuals and companies as possible to enrol and complete the course.

The online portal can be reached here: https://www.safe-digging.co.uk/

For more information please contact us at Linewatch@fishergerman.co.uk